Nihao, I'm

Ed Lee.

I have 8+ years of graphic / UI / UX design and professional web development experience. Passionate and self-taught, and with extensive knowledge from UI / UX design, front-end coding to backend services dev, I am able to craft complete, elegant, responsive, and effective web applications, including websites with CMS, SPA, PWA, either with teammates or on my own.

I am now open for freelance job opportunity. Please take a look my works below.


Official Website for WTDT iOS App

WTDT (What To-Do Today) is a straight forward todo app, which is BitMob’s first try on building a native app. With WTDT, we hope you would discover and tweak you own pace for tasks, and make each achievement enjoyable.

Official Website for BitMob.cc

The official website / portfolio for BitMob.cc, an ace creative studio specializing in graphic design and interactive development.


Website of the famous store / workshop / gallery in Guangzhou. The project aims to provide an online space, for everyone to share stories, thoughts and feelings conceived from things we own and treasure.

Digest 3kg Website

Starting at the concept of Digest 3kg's "01234" size label, we transformed it into an infinite looping menu on the website, with corresponding text stripes precisely moving to correct positions.

Digest Design Official Website

Digest Design is an independent fashion brand founded by talented designer Dooling Jiang, who constantly pursue intelligent, humane, and in her word "hardcore" design and products.

Zhang Da Interview

This SPA explored the possibilities of transforming traditional editorial material in the digital era. It turned out to be just like a sketch pad on which users may "draw" randomness and create artwork with Zhang Da's works.

Digest Design Special

Tao Ying Ding is an elegant and well-polished artifact has lots of details that could be adored from all angles. To balance minimum graphic and fluid motion of Tao Ying Ding, we used p5.js to reproduce its shape-changes and its process of "becoming" (from clay to pottery), in a linear way.

Be Water Journal Website

A dynamic layout is crucial to bring up fresh experience, but there should be a limit as well to prevent it becoming too fancy. We came up with an innovative "modularized" content management system, which provided limited content modules and enabled editors to compose the layout, and after all the result should be coherent with the website's design.

Miyamoto Musashi Long Scroll

To present this household story about Miyamoto Musashi in an immersive and interactive way, we adapted it into new plots, with responsive animations and sound effects, and merge them into a non-stop interactive long scroll. Apart from the carefully picked Ukiyo-e paintings, sounds and animations, we brought a movie-like yet vintage flavour to the whole campaign.

Hell Kitchen Website

An Interactive intro to the book, which also included the feature enabling users to write down a piece of memory that they tried to forget. Thanks to the beautiful illustrations, we were able to use them with parallax effect, so as to make the website quite alive and interesting, to eliminate the sadness of death, just like the book did.

New Balance M1300JP2 Retro

The website was dedicated to M1300JP2, another retro version for the classic New Balance model M1300. It was composed of high-quality studio photos, video clips and well-edited texts, and the result was overwhelmingly positive not only by the client but also other local fashion content providers.

Nike Air Max 95 20th Anniversary Campaign

A interactive campaign to celebrate the Air Max 95 20th Anniversary, which showed the series' concept, variations, and history.

Street Fashion Special

We tried to break through the boundary of still photography and made the best use of it: frame-by-frame animations, video montage, transitions, collapse, 3D effect, and lots of interactions that no other local competitors had ever dreamt of.


  • Pixel-perfect UI coding
  • Goal-oriented mindset
  • Active and helpful team player
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent project management skills
  • Good documentation skills
  • Always learning and keeping up with trends
  • Fluent spoken & professional written English
  • Native Mandarin and Cantonese speaker
  • Sensitive to carbon footprint, making every kb counts



CSS / Sass / Less

Web API / Services


Dev Tools

MacBook Pro, Neovim, VSCode, Git, Webpack, Gulp, Rollup, Babel, Eslint, Prettier, GatsbyJS, Next.js, etc.

Graphic / UI Design

Figma, Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator


2017 - current

Software Engineer @ BitMob Creative Production
My designer friend maf and I co-founded BitMob. It is a minimal studio excels at delivering beautiful and interactive websites / web-apps (listed above). While maf is responsible for UI and graphic design, I work out all technical solutions, including full-stack architect and coding.

2016 - 2018

Senior Frontend Engineer @ People's Medic
People's Medic offered free mobile web apps enabling citizens to book doctor appointments online, and corresponding management system for hospitals. I was the dev team leader. By adopting agile approach, my workmates and I delivered timely, fast, user-friendly products which updated on weekly basis.

2014 - 2016

Web Designer & Developer @ 1626 Magazine
1626 was the leading youth style magazine in China. I was leading a content design team for the magazine's website, while also took great part in the website's UI design and coding. I also rolled out some big interactive editorial campaigns (listed above) which earned the magazine great reputation for content production while no competitor could match.